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Online Safety for International Schools

                                      Whats App to WeChat    -     Google to Baidu

          Online safety has been even more in the spotlight than usual thanks to the coronavirus

          pandemic, which has made us all more heavily reliant on technology than ever before.
          As  the  NSPCC highlights, the  enforced  switch  to online learning  and  socialising has
          placed children at greater risk of threats such as online bullying, exploitation and even

          radicalisation. So, what can international schools do to help keep their students (and
          staff) safe online?

          To address this complex subject, today’s post comes to us from Jonathan Taylor, an

          independent online safety consultant and founder of both Besafe Online UK and the
          Online Safety 4 Schools website. Jonathan spent ten years working as an Undercover
          Online  Investigator in  the  Metropolitan  Police Child  Abuse  Investigation Command,

          putting him in a unique position to be able to share valuable thoughts and advice on
          how best schools around the world can improve online safety in their communities.

          Jonathan writes…

          Having  delivered  online  safety  workshops  extensively  in  international  schools  in

          Europe, the Middle East and Asia, I have a wide-ranging knowledge of the technological
          context in which international schools work. This has given me a unique insight into
          international schools and the possible online safety issues faced by the schools and
          their staff and students.
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