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Online Safety for UK Schools & Colleges

                          Whats App to Discord    -     Google to Twitch  -  Snapchat to Tik Tok

          Online safety has been even more in the spotlight than usual thanks to the coronavirus

          pandemic, which has made us all more heavily reliant on technology than ever before.
          As  the  NSPCC highlights, the  enforced  switch  to online learning  and  socialising has
          placed children at greater risk of threats such as online bullying, exploitation and even

          radicalisation. So, what can international schools do to help keep their students (and
          staff) safe online?

          Having delivered online safety workshops extensively in  UK & International schools in
          Europe, the Middle East and Asia, I have a wide-ranging knowledge of the technological

          context in which all schools work. This has given me a unique insight into schools and
          the possible online safety issues faced by schools and their staff and students.

          Accompanied  with  my  unique  experience  and  advanced  knowledge  of  online

          behaviour, this has allowed me to speak with authority on online safety and the dangers
          of social media and gaming. Traditionally part of child safeguarding in schools, online
          safety is certainly now very much a standalone area that requires specific training and
          workshops for the whole school, including staff, pupils, and parents.

          Online safety affects everyone, everywhere

          Here in UK, it is now mandatory for schools to have online safety training, and this
          includes British international schools and those teaching the UK Curriculum. However,
          online safety is of paramount importance regardless of which country the school is in,

          as geographic location has no bearing on the fact that all children, teenagers, and young
          adults use devices, social media, apps, online games, and gaming communities.
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