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Overview: 22 years ago a core group of commuter cyclists, wanting to interest more people in cycling, held the  rst ever Bike
to Work Week. Targeted towards govern- ment employees in the beginning, the annual event has  ourished, to now include participants from all communities in Greater Victoria. From Sidney to Victoria, Langford to Sooke and beyond, the event draws people together, creating a growing community of its own.
The non-pro t Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society formed in 1997 with a focus on team formation to encourage commuter cycling in the workplace as the organizing principle. The event has grown steadily from
Bike to Work Week depends on the Program and the People to make the event a success year after year.
• Accessibility: Not only is the event free, simple steps for participation and extensive resources to facilitate participation are made available.
• Visibility: A rigorous publicity campaign accompanies each event.
• Education: Bike Skills courses are o ered spring through fall and participants have access to free bike check-ups and advice from local bike shop professionals.
50 teams and 500 participants in 1997 to • 652 teams and 6,454participants in 2016.
The purpose of the annual Bike to Work
Week event is to bring communities
together and expand the number of people cycling to work year round. By getting peo- ple to try commuting by bike for a week in
an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie, the event helps people to become regular cycle • commuters over time.
Our key measure of success is the number
of new cyclists who take part. This year
1,102  rst time commuter cyclists partici- • pated. If someone tries cycling for just one week and has a positive experience, this can profoundly alter their personal sense of its long-term feasibility. Big changes towards • this lifestyle shift begin with small steps
and small success stories facilitated by this powerful annual event!
Celebration: Bike to Work Week is com- prised of daily events (Celebration Stations) at locations throughout Greater Victoria, allowing participants to meet, celebrate their accomplishments, mutually motivate and bene t from an abundance of prizes and incentives.
Volunteers: The event depends on a large network of volunteers who help with set up, take down, operation of stations and encouraging peers.
Team Leaders: These are our workplace champions who help organize, motivate and encourage their coworkers.
Community Partners: 215 sponsors provide the funding to make the event happen and the food, beverages, prizes, and bicycle maintenance, all of which motivate participation.
Enthusiastic Participants: The resounding response from the community year after year demonstrates the Society’s “raison d’etre”.

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