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                                 “The Harlem Renaissance was the shot
that was heard around the world.”- Misha “Omo Misha” McGlown
popular inside and outside of Harlem. It’s devoted to the research, preservation, and exhibition of materials focused on African American, African Diaspora, and African experi- ences. Just a short five-minute walk from there, among a block of brownstones is The Gadson Gallery.
Laura Gadson is a quilt, fiber and mixed media artist. Her work is unique in a sense that she tends to blend the worlds of quilting, felting, painting, collage and more, all from the comfort of her home. At times, she hosts other artists and events at her home. Since she is very close to the Schomburg, she says that it is one of her favorite places
in Harlem.
“The exhibitions that the Schomburg has had over the years have been more culturally, socially conscious and relatable,” she said. She was comparing the Schomburg Center to the Studio Museum, which she says is much more related to the “art world.”
“You have to be in the world of art to get some of it or to
be included,” she continued.
Gadson says the Studio Museum started out as a grass-
roots initiative and has expanded since then. She credits its commitment of always thinking of the now and the future of art to help build on its foundation and expansion.
The Studio Museum was founded in 1968, with a goal to support artists and arts education by displaying prominent works of art. It became a space for dynamic exchange of ideas about art and society.
The museum opened its doors fifty years ago.
Since then it has earned worldwide recognition for its role in promoting the works of artists of African descent and its “artists-in-residence” programs. The museum is currently closed for renovations that’s expected to last for two years. The new building will be on site of the current facility, but with custom-built and expanded facilities that will fit the museums programming. However, the museum has opened a temporary programming space on W 127thStreet.
 An eclectic collection: Works line the walls
of Essie Green Gallery

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