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                                CELEBRATING ART
Harlem Fine Arts Show (HFAS) celebrates its 10th Anniversary on historic HBCU campus – Art/ Technology/Medicine/Fatherhood
l As they say, “We are glad to be coming home.”With open arms HFAS salutes Howard University for its warm welcome and special embracement during our 10th Anniversary tour. With 40 plus artists and galleries, HFAS will be in Washington, DC June 14-16, 2019. The art will be spectacular!! From the works of Woodrow Nash to the paintings of LaShun Beal, and of course the living legend himself Frank Frazier. Our galleries are full of the works of Elizabeth Catlett, Jacob Lawrence and Charles White and we look to enhance your art experience with a look at the largest traveling African Diasporic art show in the United States the HFAS.
HFAS will continue its underline expression of exploring the relationship between health and creative expression, which in part is a scientific endeavor that we can also relish in the pure aesthetics of art and how it makes us feel. HFAS has a longstanding saying that it promotes and provides “cultural nutrition,” but we have also seen how art has the power to heal.
It is fitting then, that for a second year in Washington, DC, HFAS will celebrate the outstanding contributions of African American medical professionals. What better venue than Howard University, home of the renowned Howard University College of Medicine celebrating 150 years of Excellence in education, service and research. Our salute highlights the excellence and contributions of eleven exceptional individuals from top medical institutions. This is particularly important because while celebrities and athletes are elevated in our culture; doctors, nurses and other medical professionals often work in obscurity. These are our unsung heroes.
Through this special recognition, HFAS hopes to cast a spotlight on those who are making significant contribu- tions to our society with little to no fanfare. To help in car- rying out this vision we have partnered with the National Medical Association and regional chapters to help select our honorees. HFAS would like to also extend a special thank you to the Howard University College of Medicine for its input.
Our unsung heroes include: Dr. Wayne Frederick, Major General (RET) George A. Alexander, MD, Michal A. Young, MD, Roselyn Epps, MD, Hazel Harper, DDS, Joia Crear Perry, MD, Malika Fair, MD, Michael J. Knight, MD., Kim Marie St. Amant, DDS, Donna Grant-Mills, DDS, Debra Holly Ford, MD.
HFAS would like to salute and honor Dr. LaSalle D. Leffall Jr. Dr. Leffall was last year’s lifetime achievement awardee and is also a legend at Howard University. His professional work ethic, skill and dedication to the world of medicine will always be remembered.
Please join us this year for the great art, meet and greet our exceptional artists, join in on the many artist talks and a special lecture on art collection and wealth management.
This year’s HFAS in Washington, DC will be a unique experience that will touch your heart and fill your soul. It
is a true celebration of Washington’s artistic heritage, the African Diasporic art movement and the health and healing power of art.
Best Always,
Founder Harlem Fine Arts Show

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