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up to $400 in FREE gifts!!
                                                             gether. So come, bring your machines and extra fabric
                                                        to make a quilt for a veteran. Plus, it is a great way for
                                                                and say thank to our Veterans. Instructor: Barb Allyn
                          & bobbin thread, and basic supplies. Fabric & pattern
                                                           those of us that like to sew with other gals to get to-
                                Fourth Wednesday of the Month 10:00- 3:00 (West)
                                                                    Third Wednesday of the Month 10:00- 2:00 (East)
                                                                                                  Mayfield Heights Location Thursday, June 20th 2019     10 AM - 4 PM  Only $50        Gi   Valued  at over   $200 • Two fun-fi  lled days of hands-on projects with exciting OESD designs   • Goody Bag valued at over $200 fi  lled with fun sewing and  • Exciting product offers available ONLY to Super SPREE attendees!
                       Please bring your machine, white sewing
                                                 to our Veterans for their service. Making
                   you are planning on hanging out with us
                                                      thing we make in class is donated by us
              This is an all day charity sewing day, to
                construct and clothe handmade dolls. if
                     for the entire day, please bring a lunch.
                                               This Class is all about saying thank You
                                                    quilts is a great way to do that. Every-

        Giving Doll  Class Fee: FREE  for dolls and clothes will be provided   Quilts of Valor  Class Fee: $5 per class  2 GREAT EDUCATIONAL EVENTS!   • Step-by-step handouts for all projects in full color  • Class CD with all class project handouts and designs  • Project kits for ALL 6 projects for EVERY attendee!<<<  • Trunk show of beautiful embroidery projects  • Door Prizes and Giveaways   embroidery items  Receive over $400 in FREE gifts, $20 savings 3 full  days of learning, lunch and more!

                                                                                         WORLD OF EMBROIDERY


           Charity Classes  Our volunteer groups get together to sew lap size quilts,  NICU size quilts, tote bags and other items that make  children of all ages smile a bit and help take their minds  off their physical challenges. Our items are donated to  babies, parents, and sick children at local hospitals. We  are always in need of volunteers to help sew these items.  Contact us to help out or donate items.  Bring a Dish to share for all day sews!  Third Friday of the Month 10:00- 3:00 (East) Fourth Wed. of the Month 10:00- 12:00 (North) Third Wednesday of the Month 10:00- 3:00 (West) First Wednesday of the Month 10:00

                Baby Sew  Cost: FREE                                                                     •Door prizes and giveaways.

                            Only $199

         2-Day Hands-on Retreat Babylock owners, come and learn tricks  for decorative stitches, the newest quilt- ing techniques, combining and creating  techniques like you’ve never seen before!  May 31st & June 1st  10 AM - 4 PM   Sign up for both for $259  Quilting Classes  Long Arm Certification Class Fee: $69.99 per class This 2-3 hour class is a beginner hands-on class con- sisting of no more than three students and is taught  on our Baby Lock Crown Jewel III stitch-regulated ma- chine. You will learn how to prepare your top, batting  and backing, load and baste your quilt, and the basics  of using the machine. We wil

                      Project based! KITS & LUNCH INCLUDED!
                              Machine Owners! Learn advanced techniques for your machine!
                           Exclusive class for Solaris, Luminaire, Destiny & Dream
                Lori Hernandez
                                   Only $99!                                                                                                  together!     4

         Pins & Needles Welcomes back

                                   May 30th 10 AM - 4 PM  Serger Classes  Serger Boot Camp- Tote Bag  Class Fee: $89 per class Get up close and personal with your serg- er while making this “FUN”ctional tote bag  that is packed full of techniques and feet  including ruffling foot, bias binder foot,  attaching ribbon, coverhem and more!   Don’t have the coverhem function on your serger?  NO  PROBLEM!  Just let us know, you can use one of our  machines for that part! Instructor: Michele Gillombar- do (w) Karen Augustynovich (e)  5/31 10:00- 4:00 (East) 5/13, 7/14 10:00- 4:00 (West)  Serger Foot Clinic  Class Fee: $60 per class
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