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APRIL 2017                                   Celiac Awareness Month

NEWSLETTER May is designated as National Celiac Awareness Month. As such, we think it
                                              is a great time to take a look at some of the wonderful gluten-free products

   THIS MONTH’S                       we have available for anyone that is gluten intolerant and wants to enjoy
INDUSTRY EVENTS                       delicious food without sacrificing flavor. Here we will focus on some of the
                                      baked goods we offer, as we know they are the most difficult to find.

April 2nd—-4th — Specialty
Food Business Summit First up are our Brazilian cheese rolls from Forno
                                      de Minas. Made only with simple, all-natural
Chicago, IL
                                      ingredients and naturally gluten-free, Pão de Quei-

NEXT MONTH’S                          jo cheese rolls make a great breakfast, appetizer or
  HOLIDAYS &                          snack.

SPECIAL EVENTS                        7008939 Brazilian Cheese Roll—Par-Baked 9/17.6Z

time to start planning! 7008940 Brazilian Cheese Roll—Raw                                   10/35.3Z

                                      7013331 Brazilian Cheese Roll—Frzn, Raw 26/14.11Z

MAY 05 — CINCO DE MAYO                Next up we have Pidy Gourmet. Pidy Gourmet has developed both
MAY 14 — MOTHER’S DAY                 sweet and neutral gluten free shells that do not sacrifice taste or function-
MAY 27 — RAMADAN BEGINS               ality. Both are made in 2” and 3.25” sizes and can vary in shape and flavor.
MAY 29 — MEMORIAL DAY                 They are straight-sided and deep enough for a variety of applications.

all month long...




NATIONAL SALSA MONTH                  Taste It Presents, Inc.’s Gluten-Free
 NATIONAL BBQ MONTH                   Flourless Chocolate Cake will delight gluten-free
                                      and non-gluten-free customers alike. It is made

NATIONAL SALAD MONTH with the finest Belgian semi-sweet chocolate,

NATIONAL HAMBURGER MONTH butter, cocoa powder and vanilla. Unlike other

NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CUS- flourless chocolate cakes—which can be gritty,
                                      flakey or dry—this cake is delicately rich, and

                                      bursting with a smooth, moist, and creamy tex-

ICON KEY:                             ture.

Look for our new icons throughout     0616084 Flourless Chocolate Cake                      2/4#
this newsletter for easy identifica-
tion of nutritional information that  We also have a delicious selection of gluten-free desserts from Tate’s
may be important to you.              Cookies, the #1 selling specialty chocolate chip cookie brand! Choose

        All-Natural                   from Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip and Ginger Zinger Cookies, or

                                      Chocolate Chip Brownie Thins.

Gluten Free                           1435801  GF Chocolate Chip Cookies                    12/7Z
Kosher                                2201873  GF Double Choc. Chip Cookies                 12/7Z
                                      2201881  GF Ginger Zinger Cookies                     12/7Z

                                      7015394 GF Brownie Thins                              12/7Z


USDA Organic

Trans Fat Free
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