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Wild and Unique Foods

Tim Doyle , Meat & Game Specialist

                          LES TROIS PETITS COCHONS

                                Les Trois Petits Cochons, better know as 3 Pigs, is a leader in producing artisanal pâtés and mousses in
                                the United States. In addition to these delicacies, they produce terrines, sausages, smoked meats, and
                                other French gourmet items.

                                The Brooklyn-based company was founded in 1975 by French native Alain Sinturel. By combining time-
                                honored recipes, choice ingredients, innovative cooking methods and strict quality-control, they have
                                created consistent, handcrafted products since their inception. The crafting of small batches using high-
                                quality ingredients has resulted in a total of 19 Gold and Silver SOFI awards and features in a number of
                                food publications, such as Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and

And finally...New Organic Pâtés have arrived! Answering the consumer demand
for transparency of ingredients (and their sourcing), simplicity of ingredient
decks, and the call for Non-GMO verification, 3 Pigs launched this new line of
Pâtés in October 2016. These three pâtés are available in a 4 ounce slice format
and are the only USDA approved organic pâtés available in the United States.

 Organic Pâté De                          Organic Mousse                              Organic Pâté aux
      Campagne                                  aux Cepes                             Pommes et Cidres

             Traditional Country Pâté                Rich and Creamy Mousse            Organic Chicken Pâté with Apples and Cider
           with all Organic Ingredients             with Wild Cepe Mushrooms                         Flavors of Normandy

 Heritage breed organic pork & or-       Heritage breed organic pork, organ-         Depending on seasonal availability,
     ganic spices                             ic chicken liver, organic milk, organ-       apples and cider from Gala, Fuji,
                                              ic eggs, and organic mushrooms               Golden Delicious and Pink Lady vari-
 Same classic recipe as when 3 Pigs                                                       eties with a sweet/tart flavor profile
     opened in 1975, updated with all     Imported wild cepes (porcini) mush-
     organic ingredients                      rooms from France                        Pork-Free

                7019610                                  7019605                                     7019598
ORGANIC COUNTRY PORK Pâté                                                             ORGANIC CHICKEN Pâté WITH
                                         ORGANIC CHICKEN LIVER, PORK
                   8/4Z                    & WILD MUSHROOM MOUSSE                                APPLES & CIDER

                                                            8/4Z                                        8/4Z


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