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For the Pastry Chef

                    Girish Fatnani , Pastry Specialist

                    Hero is an international, family-owned company with a rich heritage and more
                    than 125 years’ experience of conserving fruit- and vegetable-based products
                    and making them convenient to consumers. The company’s purpose is built up-
                    on this heritage and their commitment to making the best possible products
                    with natural ingredients.

                    The company’s mission, ‘to delight consumers by conserving the goodness of
                    nature,’ addresses the needs & desires of today’s consumers for authenticity,
                    purity, honesty, and simplicity in the foods they purchase and consume.

                    Hero works closely with local farmers who grow the fruit that goes into their
                    jams to ensure consistent quality, taste and color across all the ingredients they
                    use. This requires high levels of craftsmanship from both Hero and their suppli-
                    ers. The employees, along with quality panels, ensure that high quality stand-
                    ards are met — from growing the ingredients to the moment when consumers
                    enjoy the products.

                    With over 50 Hero products in our lineup, it’s difficult not to find something
                    you’ll love. For a complete list of all Hero items we carry, please visit the web-
                    site. Here’s a taste of what Hero products European Imports offers:

Types of Products:  Available Flavors:   Passionfruit   Available Sizes
 Preserves          Apricot            Peach           0.5 oz cups
 Fruit Spreads      Banana             Pear            1 oz individual jars
 Marmalades         Black Cherry       Pineapple       12 oz jars
 Jams               Black Currant      Pistachio       33.8 oz bottles
 Glazes             Blackberry         Red Raspberry   2.2# squeeze bottles
 Compounds          Blueberry          Red Currant     11# pails
 Toppings           Bitter Orange      Rum             27.5# pails
 Nectars            Caramel            Strawberry      ...and more!
 Honey              Chocolate
                     Cranberry
                     Guava
                     Lemon
                     Mango
                     Orange


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