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Specialty Grocery

                        Akhmal Teal , Grocery Specialist


                                                         Since 1986 Argo’novae has been a family-owned company based in Provence
                                                         (South of France) specializing in manufacturing high-quality preserves, honeys, fruit
                                                         desserts, and breakfast specialties. The Les Comtes de Provence® brand prides
                                                         itself in its unique know-how, manufacturing secrets, hand-crafted manufacturing
                                                         process, traditional preparation methods and use of all-natural ingredients to craft
                                                         its exceptional products.

                                                    Customized Machine Tools
                                                         Since first setting up his factory in 1986 near Manosque in Provence, Yves Faure
has adopted an economic model founded doubly on working under his own label “Les Comtes de Provence,” and distributing his
high-end specialties (jams, compotes, fruit desserts) through large, modern retailers. Thirty years later, this strategy has paid off:
Les Comtes de Provence has become one of the most prestigious French brands of premium jams distributed throughout France
(available in more than 3,000 stores of the seven largest retailers). It has acquired this level of excellence thanks to the quality of
its recipes (65%-80% fruit, cane sugar) and to a customized production line. Every stage in the process is carefully designed to
preserve the quality of the jams: cooking the fruit in a cauldron, filling the pots by gravity (and not by pumping as in industrial sys-
tems, a method that destroys the fruit pieces) and preservation by hot potting and auto-pasteurization so as to avoid sterilization
(which would entail cooking the fruit a second time at more than 100oC).

Quality Guaranteed by Human Hands
The human being remains a fundamental pillar of the process by mastering the key stages of production: it is in this way that the
term “manufacture” takes on its full meaning. As Yves Faure explains, “we remained faithful to a traditional manufacturing meth-
od, as practices in an artisanal workshop at home: we simply changed the scale, with 60,000 pots produced per day.” This “hand
mechanized, manufactured” technical process led the company through several phases of expansion and it now occupies modern

                                                      buildings with a surface of 6,000 m2.

                                                  Identity Steeped in Provence and Heritage,
                                                  in France and Abroad
                                                      Embedded in its Provencal setting, the company develops a wide range of typical
                                                      Mediterranean recipes. Most successful fruit flavors? Figs, citrus fruits, peaches, apri-
                                                      cots and strawberries. Organic production is constantly expanding, now accounting
                                                      for 50% of overall volume. With current growth in double digits, Yves Faure is step-
                                                      ping up exports to around fifty countries within the next five years (from Asia to
                                                      North America, but also to Europe and Africa). The entrepreneur is undaunted as long
                                                      as his company remains grounded in a heritage – and family-based approach inspired
                                                      by the Benedictine Abbey of Ganagobie where a monastic community has been living
                                                      since 1992 and which overlooks—and watches over— his manufacturing plant. The
                                                      company has adopted the values of Saint Benedict’s rule: stability, perseverance in
                                                      commitment, progression and continuous improvement, attentive listening, and
                                                      striving for quality in all daily tasks. This is even expressed in the brand logo, a Latin
                                                      quotation inscribed on its crest “Ut in Omnibus Deus Glorificetur.” To see far...


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