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of projects supported in 2017, segmented into four key areas: the Heart, the Mind, the Family, and the Future. These areas of focus demonstrate the clear, wrap-around support we offer to the LCHU, as well as the children and adults coming through the service, and the family unit.
CHSF has supported thousands of patients and families over the years, mainly through providing medical equipment. As the organisation has grown, so have the needs of the patients.
Assessing our impact brings together a whole host of information, helping us look at the bigger picture. It shows the positives, while still highlighting the areas we may wish to grow and improve.
Reading the Mitchelmore family’s story, it is clear we can do more to take a holistic approach. A recent survey outlined the emotional journey the families that come through the service have undertaken. In the future, we would like to extend our service and keep supporting the whole family.
Looking to the future
Our aim is to help make the LCHU a world-class centre of excellence and we are confident we can achieve this.
As CHSF grows, we recognise we must improve
the way we capture our data. This will provide even further insight into the needs of the LCHU, help us fully understand the people we support and also help us measure our impact in the future.
Sharon Milner, CEO
I am proud to present CHSF’s first Social Impact Report. Doing so in our 30th Anniversary Year is particularly poignant. Our research shows that we are among the first charities
in our niche sector to produce an impact report and we hope you find this an interesting and insightful read.
This report shows how
far CHSF has come and represents a diverse range

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