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  Professional Development
Financial pressures on the NHS and time pressures on its employees can make it difficult for staff to attend conferences and training days. At CHSF, we understand the impact training has, not only on individual staff,
but also on the whole team, and consequently on the development of the whole service. Training helps deliver the most up to date and research based care.
Supporting professional development in 2017 had a positive impact on:
• giving up to date research and knowledge to children, parents and fellow colleagues;
• developing strategies to maximise patients’ rehabilitation in Intensive Care;
• delivering information at a very sensitive time in the care of a sick child when emotion and stress levels are high, including information about palliative care;
• helping families cope with sleep problems;
• educating and informing community midwives and health visitors about caring for babies with complex cardiac conditions;
• networking opportunities to promote the Leeds Unit and explore joint working projects with other cardiac centres nationwide.
Although it is still too soon to be able to measure the impact of our contribution to research in CHD, we have spoken to clinicians undertaking different projects we funded in 2017:
Emma Beaglehole - Physiotherapist
I studied Physiotherapy at Manchester
Metropolitan University and graduated
in 2010. I initially started working for
the NHS at Doncaster Royal Infirmary
completing my junior rotations where
in 2013 I began working for Leeds
Teaching Hospitals within the Paediatric Physiotherapy Team. Here I worked amongst acute Respiratory
care, acute Neurology, Neuromuscular, Oncology and Musculoskeletal outpatients. Currently I am working within Pain and Rheumatology services in Paediatrics where earlier this year sought the opportunity to additionally work along-side Dr Oliver in the Congenital Cardiology team.
With funding from Children’s Heart Surgery Fund we are currently in the early stages of starting an exercise group for patients with a Fontan circulation. Research has
found patients with a Fontan circulation who undergo
a structured exercise programme have a more effective circulation and a better ability to exercise. It seems focusing on improving muscle strength, with so called resistance muscle training, may be particularly effective. This role within Cardiology specifically appealed to
me as it involves using the knowledge and skills in exercise and rehabilitation in order to assess, devise and progress towards achieving strength outcomes through the setting of goals with my patients. With thanks to the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, I am excited to see what our patients taking part in the exercise group can achieve through hard work and guidance from our team and look forward to seeing our results at the end of the two year period we have to trial the programme!
Sally Hall: Paediatric Trainee and Researcher
I am a paediatric trainee in the West
Yorkshire area and have recently worked at
Leeds, Airedale and Calderdale hospitals.
My interest is paediatric cardiology and this
is what I want my future career to be in. I
worked on Ward 51 for a 6-month rotation
from August 2015 to Feb 2016 and more recently have worked on PICU looking after the post op cardiac children from August 2016 to February 2017.
From this August, I am taking up a research post at Leeds university. I will be spending time in the Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine (LICAMM) laboratories supervised by Professor Beech. I will be looking at a newly discovered protein called piezo one, which has a role in the development of vascular disorders. I will be looking at its role in a condition
where it’s involvement is already known (non immune hydrops fetalis) and with this information I am hoping to begin to investigate whether it has a similar role in the development of congenital heart disease.
If I manage to obtain funding for a prolonged research period and my investigation is successful then it could lead to increased understanding about why some babies are born with congenital heart disease.
Children’s Heart Surgery Fund are supporting the research post financially. I’m aware of the great work they do in bolstering the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit with equipment and facilities, but it’s also important to fund research to stay one step ahead of this disease.
Staff Morale
The staff in the LCHU go above and beyond the call of duty, and we believe it is important to acknowledge the outstanding work they all do. We support staff events to encourage unity within the service.

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