Page 28 - CHSF Impact Report - 2017
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                             Our additional achievements
2017 saw the second year of our two-year appeal ‘Keeping the Beat’, to fund a revolutionary children’s heart theatre. The charity pledged £1.25 million towards the project, and the aim of the fundraising campaign is to raise a further £500,000 to provide a ‘Hybrid Theatre’ to the LCHU. This will enable imaging, cardiac catheterisation and surgery to come together in a way that has never been possible in Leeds before, revolutionising its cardiac surgical programme. Babies and Children who need both open heart surgery and minimally invasive procedures will be operated on by a large team of both surgeons and cardiologists. This will enable more complex and multiple procedures, which currently need to be performed in several operations, and all the services will be transferred to the Children’s Wing of the hospital.
The main benefits of the new children’s heart theatre will be:
• reduced need for invasive procedures;
• reduced waiting and recovery times;
• reduced incidences of post-operative complications or pain;
• reduced risk of infection;
• greater opportunities for, and access to, new research.
This will have an impact on hundreds of children per year, who will receive better care as a result.
We are pleased to report we have reached the target needed to build the hybrid theatre, and the facility will be open for business in February 2019.

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