Page 29 - CHSF Impact Report - 2017
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 Our strategic focus for the next five years
CHSF’s aim for the next five years is to develop the LCHU into a world-class centre of excellence and help the Unit meet the standards required by NHS England. We will work closely with clinicians to prioritise funding, whilst still reacting to the needs of our beneficiaries. The support we offer is based on facts, and our supporters’ point of view is very important to us.
We particularly want to develop holistic care, which families feel would have an important positive impact not only on their well-being when their child is in hospital, but also in their everyday life. This includes offering support to bereaved families.
Our recent survey shows Care for the Heart (Medical Equipment) is the key area most of our supporters believe we should prioritise. Holistic Care is the second most chosen area, and more generally our objective to Care for the whole Family.
Here are a few examples about how we are planning to provide holistic support:
• 1:1 input
• Group community/education work
• Developing a range of books similar to Katie Bear goes to hospital
• Supporting siblings and close family through activities and groups, play assets and play
• Providing therapies such as parent and sibling counselling, rehabilitation and preparation for going home
• Providing bereavement support
What do you think Children’s Heart Surgery Fund should prioritise in future funding projects?
40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0
Holidays/Trips Away
Family Support Expenses
Holistic Care
Parent Accommodation
Medical Equipment

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