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124 Responsible, Sustainable Growth Duke Energy Guatemala - PROFILE
111 INTERVIEW: Prices and Climate among Challenges for Sugar – Diego Herrera, Grupo Pantaleón
113 Coffee on the Rebound
114 PROFILE: AgroAmerica: Nourishing a Heartland
115 PROFILE: Ampex Corp.: Ampex Crafts Gold Standard Coffee
116 IN NUMBERS: Agribusiness 118 Oil, Hydro, and Alternative:
Securing a Diverse Energy Future
120 INTERVIEW: A Greener Guatemala
Fraterno Vila, Enertiva
122 INTERVIEW: Powering Up Potential Jaime Tupper, Energuate
126 PROFILE: Energuate: Energate Focuses on the Future
Oil, Hydro, and Alternative: Securing a Diverse Energy Future
127 IN NUMBERS: Energy and Oil
128 Diverse Industries: Poised for Growth
132 INTERVIEW: A Surprising Source of Home Health José Raúl González, Cementos Progreso
134 Opening Doors for Shore to Shore Expansion
135 INTERVIEW: Public-Private Collaborations Are Key to Guatemala’s Future – Cristián Novales, Novales Abogados
137 INTERVIEW: Time for a New Market to Shine Miguel Fernández Klose, Real Estate Development at IDC Group
139 INTERVIEW: A Country’s Landscape Transforms – Hector Rafael Leal, Grupo Cayalá
141 Alpasa
141 Peltrum
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Guatemala’s energy sector oper- ates within a secure legal frame- work that has proven successful for more than 100 years. It re- mains stable even as it attempts to balance the necessary use of fossil fuels with a greener and more renewable future.

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