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Green Tree
10 West Manilla Avenue  Pittsburgh, PA 15220 Borough Of ce: 412-921-1110
From the President of Council
Happy Spring!
Our area has had a relatively mild winter thus far, so hopefully we will get through the rest of the season with continued moderate temperatures and minimal snowfall.
Kickoff of the Green Tree Service Corps over the past few months yielded some disappointments along with some reasons to celebrate. We received 19 re- quests from elderly/shut-in residents to have snow removed from their side- walks and steps, however only  ve residents stepped forward and volunteered to aid those in need. As a result, we were unable to respond to all of the re- quests. But, lo and behold, checking on some of the homes that we could not cover revealed that several of them had already been shoveled out by unknown good Samaritans! Thanks to those who signed up to help, and also to those anonymous neighbors!
Our Public Works crew has nearly completed a new parklet at the entrance to the Rook neighborhood. A small gazebo will be installed in the spring to offer a shelter for bus riders. Thanks to the Green Tree Historical Society for their outstanding work in creating a plaque to document the fascinating history of this area, which also will be installed in the spring. The plaque will join existing installations that recognize the Ramsey homestead, the Green Tree sycamore tree, and our Nature Center. Plans to install more markers are already underway with the goal of creating a walking tour of Green Tree’s history.
ALCOSAN recently sent noti cation that Green Tree has been awarded one of their  rst GROW (Green Revitalization of Our Waterways) grants. The project we proposed, in conjunction with PWSA, will create a new system to remove an estimated 23 million gallons of storm water annually from the amount be- ing sent to ALCOSAN’s treatment plant. In all, 45 applications were submit- ted to ALCOSAN and only 32 were awarded signi cant funding. Total cost of this project is estimated at $504,000. As a result of the ALCOSAN 85% grant, Green Tree’s share will be around $100,000, which has been budgeted from our Sanitary Sewer Fund.
The Hollow Oak Land Trust has provided the borough with suggestions for im- provements to our Nature Center. Look for volunteer opportunities to assist in the enhancement of this vital community amenity in the coming months.
Spring’s arrival means baseball and soccer, the Green Tree Farmers Market,  ower sales, and so much more. Keep in touch with all that the borough has to offer through this newsletter, our website, Greetings from Green Tree, Face- book, and Twitter.
Stay healthy,
Mark Sampogna
Issue No. 1
Spring 2017
If you have a loved one who wanders away from your residence and is likely to get lost.
If you’ve had to call 911 when a loved one cannot be found.
If you know a loved one who often “escapes” from home?
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President of Council

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