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Identifying                                          Who is a good fit?

        Opportunities in                                     3 Clients age 62+ with 50% or more equity in their homes

        Home Equity                                          3  Boomer clients wanting to increase purchasing power when
                                                               looking for a more suitable home
                                                             3  Clients that are taking distributions from investments and would
                                                               like an alternative income source in bear markets
        Did you know...                                      3  Clients looking to free up cash flow by eliminating their monthly
                                                               mortgage payment (so long as they continue to pay property
                                                               taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and maintain the home)
                           64   %
                 of those over 65 own free                   3  Many others; connect with your AAG mortgage professional to
                                                               learn more!
                     and clear homes  1

                            77  %                            What is a Home Equity Conversion

          of an average retiree’s net worth is tied          Mortgage (HECM)?
                    up in home equity  2
                                                             3  An FHA-insured, non-recourse loan on a primary residence for
                                                               people at least age 62
         Including home equity into a retirement             3  A flexible tool that provides access to equity through a growing
          plan can extend longevity of cash flow,              line of credit, term payments, lump sum, or a combination of
           access to liquidity, and legacy to heirs!           these
                                                             3  A risk management solution for affluent families looking for
                                                               additional options for cash flow, liquidity, and protection of the
                                                               equity in the homes

                                                             “Having a buffer asset can help manage sequence of
                                                             returns better and make a retirement plan more efficient.”
                                                             - Wade Pfau, PhD - Professor at The American College of Financial Services

        Would you be open to learning how we might
        be able to extend your cash flow by including
        home equity into your plan?”

        “Has anyone ever walked you through the
        potential advantages of a Home Equity
        Conversion Mortgage?”                                1
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