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few times in the face. He probably would’ve continued Keegan,” he said. “Who woulda thought?”
 to pound away if Campbell McVeigh and his friends hadn’t shown up.
About a half hour later, Campbell found himself sitting
on the fifty-yard line of the football field, drinking a “What’re doing, dude?” Campbell said. “He’s a teacher.” beer he had saved for later. “What a night!” he said.
Frank looked up, and Mr. Keegan took advantage of “Yeah,” George said. “This one’s going to take time to the distraction to break free. Frank’s eyes moved from process.”
him to Campbell and then to Patti. She had stopped twirling and was taking in the scene, probably enjoy- ing it. “What a bitch!” he said.
“It would’ve been perfect if we could’ve given Ham- mersmith a beatdown,” Campbell said. “Still can’t believe he was sniffing around Missy.”
“What?” Campbell said.
“And look at him,” Frank said, pointing to Mr. Keegan. jogging around the track. “Who’s that?”
“He still can’t take his eyes off her.”
“That’s your sister, dude,” Campbell said. “Lighten up.”
George agreed, then Campbell pointed toward a figure
Campbell stumbled toward the jogger, and when Tyler Frank was so hyped up he could hardly breathe. “Fuck saw them, he stopped, trying to catch his breath.
off, McVeigh.”
“What are ya doin’?” Campbell joked.
“Whoa,” George Humphreys, one of Campbell’s friends, said. “Can’t really talk to us like that, dude.” Frank turned to locate Mr. Keegan again, angry to dis- cover that he was halfway to Pattie. He trotted after the teacher until Campbell and his friends blocked his way.
“Trying to run off tonight’s stink.”
“You don’t even know what the fuck’s going on,” Frank said to Campbell.
Tyler was still sweating and breathing hard. “You didn’t beat up Hammersmith, did you?”
“Not hard to figure out,” Campbell said. “Just get out of the way.”
Campbell shook his head. “I don’t think so.” “Why?”
Tyler shook his head. “Look, I just wanna finish my run, so leave me the fuck alone.”
“Why not?”
“Because of tonight?”
“Don’t be a prick, Campbell,” Frank said, deciding to make a bolt between Campbell and George Hum- phreys. He took two steps before George hit him in the face, and then the other boys jumped in.
So Mr. Keegan’s been screwing Patti Rizzo, Campbell thought. Campbell probably wouldn’t have cared, but then Frank had to shoot off his mouth, so they were forced to teach him a lesson, until Mr. Keegan broke it up. Campbell had never liked the teacher, which was partly why he slid the middle finger of his right hand in and out of a circle he made with the thumb and forefinger of his left hand. “Shame on you, Mr.
“Can’t say. But tomorrow I’m going to apologize to Hammersmith for the stuff you spouted at him.”
“Why don’t you give him a blow job while you’re at it?” Campbell said.
“It’s Tyler,” George said.
“You missed a good fight.”
“Why? You guys gay lovers?”
“What’s your problem?”
“Just tired. Of you, high school. Everything. Can’t wait until September when I can get out of here.”
And that’s when the lights went out for Campbell. He lay half-conscious on his back, gazing into the clear night. He thought he saw a few white shapes pass overhead but he guessed that’s what people meant when they talked about “seeing stars.”
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