Page 47 - WTP Vol.VII #3
P. 47

  Shell Machine
inkjet pigment print on Hahnemuhle, Glossy Fine Art Baryta 325 gsm
31'' x 22''
“Over the years, I have collected and photographed objects discarded from the fading industrial world, fragments of defunct mechanisms [machines],
mangled circuit boards, worn gears and tangled rusting whackmadoos. Like Mo- randi who grouped and regrouped his dull crockery, to create his luscious nuanced paintings, my constructed still lifes are not permanent; once photographed, they are taken apart to be reassembled in a different configuration. I think of these impermanent structures as machines without a purpose or machines that have lost their purpose, invoking rusting metropolises or ambiguous edifices, elusive images appearing as cloudy wrecks of a dubious age, blending fiction and reality, shivery things surviving on the edge of memory.”

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