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 “Imake paintings that embody placidity
through a process of adding and subtracting from surface and materials. This acts as a physical manifestation of impermanence in Buddhism and the beauty of imperfec- tion—values that come from the aesthetics of traditional Korean culture, and which lead to the pursuit of meditation. Impermanence is an idea from Buddhism, which states that nothing on this earth is ever free and everything always changes and al- ternates. One thing dissolves into another through a perpetual process of cause and
effect. To explore the idea of impermanence in Buddhism, I keep vestiges of the chipped and fallen plaster that I mix with paint and sand from the canvas, as time elapses. This disintegration of plaster origi- nated as an error while experi- menting with materials in an earlier body of work. However, I maintain this pulverized qual- ity and preserve the marks
left on the canvas. The char- acteristics of incompleteness and decay complete the paint- ing and it takes on as subject the notion of incompleteness, which evokes in me the core spiritual practice of accepting impermanence.”
Introspection 5
acrylic, charcoal, conte crayon on paper 60'' x 48''
bo kyUNG kim

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