Page 64 - WTP Vol.VII #3
P. 64

“Whether painting or drawing, I’m searching for qualities
of vibrancy and luminosity; passages that are both elegant and awkward; environments where color and line partner to tell the story.
“Ibegan working on a series of experimental draw- ings late last year and was pretty quickly obsessed
with them. I think I produced over fifty of them in a cou- ple of months. I was working on a synthetic paper which meant that the paint and pigments weren’t absorbed
in the same way as regular paper, and so was able to manipulate the media in different ways for much longer. Experimentation and play is a big part of my process. It’s what keeps me engaged and slightly off balance, which I think is a good place for creativity to happen.”
Black Swan
acrylic, oil stick, plaster, crayons on linen
48’’ x 36’’
krista harris

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