Page 62 - Vol. VI #10
P. 62

 “My paintings are an exploration of light and
its relationship to color.
In many of my still lifes, light passes through translucent objects, making them appear to glow from the inside. I am fascinated by the textures and tiny details of the inanimate objects that fill the world that I live in, and my work is often very detailed. I am frequently drawn to depict natural objects with delicate and organic lines. I am also fascinated by glowing lights. In addition to painting on canvas, I have recently begun to paint on lightboxes. I build shallow boxes and attach tight rows of tiny LED lights to the inside walls. Mirrors at the back of the boxes reflect the light. I stretch canvas over the front of each box, or I attach a sheet of frosted plastic as the front. When I paint with oils on the fronts of the lightboxes, the light glows through the paintings like stained glass, giving the brushstrokes increased visibility.”
oil on panel 8'' x 10''
rebecca giLeS

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