Page 14 - Vol. VII #8
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“Tiny chairs made of toothpicks fill the canvas of my artworks.
Burning Hope
mixed media on panel 47'' x 33'' x 5''
The chair is a symbol of the place I can return to, like home...When I was away from my then-boyfriend for six months, and he sent me a picture of the two empty chairs we used to sit in at his garden, it was very touching for me. In my artwork, the chairs represent the artist’s memories of heartbreak and loss. I admit, those painful memories influenced the choice of toothpicks to create the chairs. I tried various materials to make the chairs, like chopsticks, but toothpicks are perfect. The toothpick has a sharpened tip. It reflects the pain in my heart...My art is obviously very personal. I try to convey stories about my life and love on canvas. I even use old handwritten letters from family, friends, and lovers as the background for the toothpick chairs.”
Jae J. Rhee

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