Page 48 - Vol. VII #8
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"Women Forms is a series of woven vessels that
speak of women—their shared stories, and their layers of experience. The se- ries is a continuing study of form, color, and surface texture.
Standing in Strength
paper, acrylic paint, mediums, wire, encaustic, copper foil, beads approx. 5''–10''
These vessels speak of the importance of the women in our lives, of their strengths and sorrows, their growth and joys. Each vessel tells the story of a woman, as an individual. The outside, with its decorated, sometimes rough surface, has been formed and shaped by society and the woman’s life experi- ences. The inside, which catches the light in unexpected ways, reflects her inner strengths—strengths not always visible but worthy of careful looking. They may stand alone, or gather strength and support from the company of other women.”
 Jackie abRams

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