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The Evening of His Last Visit (continued from preceding page)
to pull them off.
Father’s on my mantel.
 I called the paramedics and stayed with Frank the whole way to the hospital. Frank got his last wish. I held his hand every second. Our family has its pride.
It was just after Frank died that I saw the sun, bright and low in the sky. A man was helping his wife into their car by the curb. Her arm was in a cast. The man put his jacket around her shoulders and held her good arm as she lowered herself into the passenger side. She smiled at him. Is the world full of couples and then just me?
This time of year, early summer, it’s hard to tell when evening comes. Sometimes the sun is out as late
as nine-thirty, as if the day is never going to end. I wasn’t aware of the world outside the cubicle’s window, only Frank’s hand and a woman in the next partition. She cried softly while her husband said, “I love you, Ana.”
Funny how the mind works. One minute I’m watch- ing these strangers, and the next, I’m wondering whatever became of Jimmy Cleary.
What day is today? I want to put the right date on Frank’s holy card. Frank McCabe, born February
14, 1934, died July what—July 5th?—2018. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him. I’ll put his card next to Mother’s and
And just as I thought that, just at that moment I swear, something pinched my right hand. I looked down to see a pinprick of blood bubbling on my palm. The little girl’s seashell wasn’t empty, after all. A hermit crab’s claw retracted at the very moment I
 Elemental Vessels is a series of vessels that explore seemingly simple shapes and complex surfaces. A woven wire armature provides support for multiple layers of materials, creating skins, textures, and colors, all melded to contain space.These are forms that are universal, familiar from both nature and from daily use in every culture. The vase and bowl- shaped vessels may hold our important albeit invisible things: dreams, ideas, thoughts, and wishes.
Red Lace
wire armature, crocheted with
wire and string made of plastic bags. The lace is created from woven
and crocheted wires.
8'' x 11'' x 11''
wire armature, tulle, thread 9'' x 15'' x 13''

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