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 Ruppert earned an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a BFA in Sculpture from South- ern Illinois University Edwardsville. Her work has been exhibited nationally in galleries and museums including the Alexandria Museum of Art in Alexandria, Louisiana; The Vi- rago in Contemporary Art and Adornment in Seattle, Wash- ington; Art St. Louis in St. Louis, Missouri; and the Rockford Art Museum in Rockford, Illinois. Her notable awards include the Dan and Barbara Creative Achievement Award, the Vreeland Award, the Othmer Fellowship, the Provost Schol- arship, and the Cedar Point Residency Scholarship. In 2020, she received the Mayors Art Award from the Kimmel Foun- dation for the Arts.
spandex, ceramic, wax, beans, salt 14'' x 130'' x 5''

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