Page 44 - Vol. VI #2
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 “I create machine-and-hand-stitched
works, drawing with needle and thread.
The stories I tell through my work relate to science, mythology, and natural and extraterres- trial worlds, portraying only a thin boundary in between. My goal is to elicit a sense of magic in the viewer, preparing them to delve into nature and myth, where everything is permitted and new worlds spring up instantly.
 We are surrounded by spaces we cannot see or feel, locked in a cube, traveling within matter, or ‘crystal- lized light,’ as Albert Einstein put it. These pieces are inspired
by the realms of the three-dimensional
and beyond. Initially conceived after read- ing Asimov’s stories
of twisting into new dimensions, they have since come to repre- sent the soul’s journey into matter and back, as well as the free  ow exchange of energy that is perpetually taking place between worlds.”
Into Matter
cotton, polyester thread, wool roving, silk thread 34.25'' x 30.75''
shea wiLkinson

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