Page 69 - Vol. VI #2
P. 69

“When I was a kid, there was a small monthly magazine published by the Ford Motor Company called Ford Times. It was essentially an advertisement for
Ford automobiles, but I always looked for the game page titled “What is it?” This page would show a photograph, fo-
courtesy of the Curator
 cused on part of a common object, and challenge you to identify that object. What attracted me, as much as the game, was this partial view of something very small, making it look monumental.
The mystery of what was out of view, being cropped by the photo, has stayed with me and in uenced my interest in reductive abstract im- ages. Though Minimalism has been a strong in uence on my use of  at, repetitious elements and grids, I prefer random designs with acciden- tal marks and painterly qualities over cool, sleek geometry. In my work, shapes move in and out of the pic- ture plane and surfaces are stained and scarred, as if seen from a topo- graphical viewpoint. In this way, my work walks the line between the non-objective and objective reality.”

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