Page 81 - Vol. VI #2
P. 81

  Labyrinth XXXVII
oil on canvas 60'' x 48''
“My approach starts with architectural elements—rooms, staircases, hall- ways. I employ multiple views of these spaces and corridors, simpli ed and abstracted to produce a composition of geometric shapes and planes with graphic overtones. Playing with scale and foreshortening, these spaces
are stretched and contorted almost to the point of becoming paradox il- lusions. Varied light sources serve to deepen the impression of disjointed space. Spatial location is uncertain. Forms rise and recede simultaneously, as perspective seems to oscillate. Spaces that should be comfortably famil- iar instead become ambiguous and con icting. This framework challenges the predictability of the observer’s point of view. A tension is created in trying to reconcile the spatial contradictions.”

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