Page 16 - WTP Vol. IX #7
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 “The sense of living ‘in-between’ is at the core of my work,
the sensation of inhabiting a neutral space just in the midst of two simulta- neous opposites, of existing halfway between objective and subjective intervals, along with the theme of gender violence, the woman in that interval before and after the trauma. Interior and exterior, body and soul, matter and energy, presence and absence, figure and non-figure coexist in tension in a utopian, hermaphroditic, synchronic, and spectral space-time that is, in turn, the precise interstice which aligns pain and the apparent non-pain present in the whole of my creating process.”
FRAGILE: Handle with Care
fabric, epoxy resin, varnish 30'' x 94'' x 4''
Patricia GLauSEr

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