Page 34 - WTP Vol. IX #7
P. 34

 “Emily Dickinson described herself in one poem as ‘inebriate of air.’ In my visual art
I tend to be inebriate of color.
This is a mysterious and forceful thing for me. It doesn’t mean, of course, that I ignore the other crucial components. But color works in me like north to a compass. So I follow it.”
Clovis Point
digital mixed media
“In these works, I often incorporate works on paper that I then photograph. Sometimes I prefer the purity of abstract expressionism and its almost hedo-
nistic emphasis on the senses. I also often find myself working in what I’ve come
to think of as a ‘repro-vocative’ style, one that blends representation with the non- representative or the suggestive. But at the heart of my visual art, whatever form it may take, there’s an ecstatic commitment to revelation—which also has, by the way, a quite practical, craft-oriented side.”
tiM J. MyErS

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