Page 22 - WTP Vol. XI #5
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"In my current work, I am seeking both to preserve and push the boundaries of traditional Lingnan
 style Chinese painting.
I am able to unite, celebrate, and find beauty in both Eastern and Western, traditional and modern art. My sub- ject matter is birds and floral; cats
and tigers; and human figures. Na- ture remains my main inspiration as I equally admire works from Impression- ism, Fauvism, and the brush strokes found in traditional Asian paintings. My current painting subject of inter- est is cats. I enjoy painting with a giant calligraphy brush (usually dipped in a large bucket of ink and water), in large sweeping motions across the painting surface. The ink-and-brush painting technique allows me to fully express the characters of the animal, yet mini- mize the brush strokes—just enough strokes to cause the form, texture, and spirit of the cat to be felt."
Large Scale Minimalist Cat #1
ink on watercolor paper 58'' x 3 yards
anita Yan WonG

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