Page 44 - WTP Vol. XI #5
P. 44

"Where to begin? A shape, a notion of color?
The great thing about making art is that when you re-experience something you have the chance to resolve it, to make changes based on what has gone before. Working the way I do, I build upon initial moves to influence the final outcome. In fact, what has been there and not seen is a necessary move to- ward resolution of a particular image. It’s part of the process of constructing a picture. What we see in a work that is 'finished' results from all the decisions the process required. There may have been addition or subtraction of elements, or a combination of the two, as the image comes into a focus that seems just right. At times it’s the absence of an element that’s been covered over that points the direction to a new recognition, which allows the picture to
be 'found' in the process of its making. I have these source-driven, moves-shapes, colors, and composi- tional devices. And then when I’m working I might think 'You know would be great? A triangle in the middle of a shape.' Then, I think, 'Can I fit that into the narrative?' Why do I want to see that shape, that color, in this particular structure? So, I’ll try it, and see if I can fit that into the story and see if it makes sense."
GarrY MitcheLL

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