Page 68 - WTP Vol. XI #5
P. 68

"My work of trees, photos of dead standing roots to
 outstretched empty branches,
foretold the passing of my father, my friend, patriarch and believer, not of another life, but of legacy. And the five elements of wind, water, fire, ether, and earth have been a constant in my life and my artistic prac- tice, spanning over 50 years. Traced in the landscape, these elements mark my memories just beyond my back door and traveled places. My materials echo
the natural: beeswax, damar resin, pigments, stones, collected threads, old books and cloth, wood, lead, wire, and precious metals."
Kacima V
silk tissue, encaustic, oil on panel 48'' x 14'' x 2''
catherine eaton sKinner

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