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digital photograph
Juno MoRRow
“Iam intoxicated by by beautiful light and and dramatic contrast I I am am am captivated by by structure geometry and pattern By decontextualizing mundane subjects my my hope is is is to to expose emotion- ally ally raw undercurrents instilling wonder Visually my my work is is is is used to to to de- construct spatial relationships and explore dimensionality My goal is is is to to to amplify the the the irrational attraction we feel toward these subject matters and and entertain the the the the hope hope of of understanding why Taking a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a more distant per- spective I hope hope to disrupt the the dualism of of of objective/subjective reality challenging traditional systemic notions of of truth With my work I seek to break down the conventional binaries of abstract material and and mental-physical as understood through our sensory and and cognitive perception ”

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