Page 50 - Vol. VI #7
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sheila GRabaRsKy
“My process is is one of of reduction painting until the canvas is is overfull of movement and connections (as I see the the the world’s confusion) then obliterating that world-chaos—remov-
ing ing extraneous marks—until the the the work and and the the the discovery become a a a a a a complete and and orderly composition as I I would love the the world to be be composed organized I I am excited by the the the evolution of of of shapes shapes and the the the discovery of of of how movement impacts each of of of these shapes shapes to become cohesive ”
Grabarsky is is is a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a classically trained national award-winning artist who has worked and and and exhibited across the United States for over twenty-five years Her work work is is is is in in numerous private and and and public collections and and and is is is currently represented by Wil- liam Ris Gallery Gallery Gallery Stone Harbor New New Jersey Jersey Beauregard Fine Art Art Rumson New New Jersey Jersey Boxheart Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery Pittsburgh Pennsylvania ArtWorks Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery Cedar City Utah and UGallery com 

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