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KaThRyn shRiveR
“Despite the continual upending of of what
art art can be be be presumptions of of what
art art should be be be remain steadfast and and continue to be be reinforced by
categories and and biases that run throughout art discourse My work focuses on how materials and making processes play into the the valuing of artworks on the the shifty spectrum between art art art and and craft by
examining how both art art art forms are at
once separate and and and intertwined theoretically materially and and and historically Handmade beadwork has been specifically significant to my research on the instability of of divisive lines between different categories of of of artmaking the history of of of beads is is is heavy with instances of of of transformation contradiction and and transition Linked with the historical of of colonialism femininity labor costume and and craft beads upset dynamics of power iden- tity value and taste This transformative ten- dency allows for for for an an an interpretation of of works beyond the the scope of of their original form ”
Shriver is is an an an an American painter and and fiber artist currently living and and and working in in in in in in in Montreal Qubec She earned her MFA in in in in in in in Painting and and Drawing from from Concordia University Montreal and her BA in in in in Studio Arts from from Wells College in in in Aurora New York She has exhibited in in in the United States and and Canada and and is represented by
Studio Sixty Six Six in Ottawa Ontario Beach
hand-woven glass beads sawdust jewelry chain screw hook wood stain on panel
16'' x 12''

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