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husband, they sadly shook their heads before heading off to rest until sunrise the next day. Seeing her distress took a toll on them too that night.
“We try to be emotionally removed from these types of searches but it was tough to see how upset she was then have to tell her we hadn’t found him that day,” Thatcher said.
Thankfully the man was found alive three days later, sit- ting beside a trail where he was discovered by two weekend hik- ers.
It’s successful searches like that which keep volunteers like Thatcher and his fellow climbers heading into the woods to use their skills and training to return lost hikers to their loved ones. LRSAR is comprised of hikers from all walks of like who meet annually for a large-scale training mission but also gather in smaller groups throughout each year to hone their skills and stay on top of new search techniques.
“We have teachers, business people, you name it, who all volunteer their time and skills to help others,” he said.
Thatcher said that since LRSAR is a nonprofit volunteer
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organization with few opportuni- ties to fund raise, they’re grateful for donations from the public as well as from local businesses like Meredith Village Savings Bank. They also receive funding and grants from the N.H. Outdoor Council. Recently the group was awarded a grant from NHOC that allowed them to purchase a new $2,500 carryout litter, which is used to carry injured hikers. When someone is rescued, he added that Fish and Game’s Res- cue Team will also present that person with a card on which the names of the volunteer groups who helped in the mission, such as LRSAR, are circled in hopes that they or their family and friends might consider making a donation to them in the future.
To learn more about Lakes Region Search and Rescue and how to join or send a donation, please visit them on Facebook or at their web site, http://lrsar. org/ where stories of their latest missions and praise from those they rescued can also be found.
Laughter Is The Best Medicine and So Is Newfound Lake
Ticklish Mom (Susan) promises her teenage daughters Lily- Tickle and Heather-Feather a return trip to Newfound Lake by means of their feet tickling torture methods.
"Mommy, you do promise that we're coming back this Summer, right? Tickle, tickle, tickle. This is so fun. We had no idea your bare feet are so ticklish. Tickle, tickle, tickle". They then played "This little piggie went to Newfound" on Mommy's toes. Oh, the feet tickling worked, Susan said yes... about a thousand times.
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