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pack.” The possibility of playing beyond high school and in college becomes more real every day for Bednaz. “I believe that if she wanted to play in college, she could. Maggie is a self starter and has already reached out to different colleges on her own,” says Coach Williams.
Not only is Maggie a star athlete, she also excels in her academics. School has always come first with Maggie and she is looking to seek the pre-med trackwhen she goes off to college. Her favorite subjects are math, science, and anatomy, and she’s still int he process of exploring schools. Bednaz hopes to have the best of both worlds when
October 2021
 she goes off to school next year, and she has received attention from numerous schools when she attended the Tufts Field Hockey clinic. Williams also tells me that WPI may come to watch Bednaz play this season as well as Bednaz herself speaking with a few coaches from some schools in New England.
When asked about what kind of player Maggie is, Coach Williams had nothing but wonderful things to say. “She is an amazing young woman with outstanding leadership skills. She is personable and quite a joy to coach, demonstrating diverse interests like also excelling in the equestrian field with riding for the New Hampton Prep School team and barrel racing. And not only that, but Maggie has adjusted
reall well in the midst of COVID which has not been easy for any high schooler.”
Bednaz has enjoyed her time playing field hockey for Newfound. When asked about her experience, Maggie had this to say. “I could have not had a more amazing field hockey experience at Newfound. I have been apart of the Varsity team for 4 years, a starter three years, and a captain my senior year. I have learned so much from coach Kammi Williams. Coach Kammi sees so much potential in each player and each season as a team. Every day we work so hard at practice in hopes of winning season or a chance at the final four games. I came into the high school as a timid freshman field hockey player but my growth
and stick work over these years has been astronomical, and it’s all thanks to coach Kammi. To anyone wondering if they should play field hockey, the answer is yes! I had an amazing 4 years and it made my high school experience so much more fun.”
Outside of field hockey, Maggie is also an equestrian. She leases a horse named Annie Oakey up at Wakewood farm in Plymouth, and takes lessons and trains primarily for the jumpers with owner Amanda Cote. Over the past few years, she’s had a chance to compete on the New Hampton School equestrian team, and she made it to New Hampshire High School states both years and placed reserve champion in the jumpers and equitation over fences.
Bednaz also enjoys hiking the New Hampshire 48 4,000 footers with her mom, and dog Loki. She started the 48 about 5 years ago and have completed over half of them in the time she has between sports, school, and work. Maggie always stays busy with her hardworking nature!
As a player who has hiked eighteen miles and then came straight to practice, Maggie Bednaz continues to demonstrate outstanding skills both on and off the field. She is the type of player who’s heart will shine right on that field as she leads her team to a winning record that will have fans cheering from the bleachers. Keep shining, Maggie, everyone is rooting for you!
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