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 Book of the Month: The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
By BRittany amalfi
There’s certainly nothing I love more than a good sequel! If you are an avid reader of New- found Lake Life, you saw in the August issue that the Book of the Month was The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and now I’m back to say that the sequel, The Hawthorne Legacy, absolutely blew me away.
I love a good mystery, es- pecially when it involves a bil- lion-dollar fortune, enigmatic brothers, and secrets upon se- crets. We learned in The Inher- itance Games (#1) that Avery Gramb’s bleak life changes in the blink of an eye when a random billionaire leaves her his fortune out of nowhere. With that colos- sal revelation, Avery went from living in her car to living in a mansion with a sum of money that people could only dream about.
But Avery loves a good mys- tery, and she’s ready to crack the case as to why a billionaire she has seemingly never met would leave her everything. In the first book, Avery forms relationships with everyone in the mansion,
known as Tobias Hawthorne. In the first book, Avery learned that Tobias Hawthornes loved a good puzzle and cer- tainly played some games. Still, in The Hawthorne Legacy (#2), she must learn what her poten- tial familial connection might be to the Hawthornes. With more secrets coming to light, Avery realizes that her whole existence might be a lie and that every-
thing she knew was wrong.
The Hawthorne Legacy (#2) definitely raised the stakes from book one. There was a lot more danger, and not to mention, Av- ery’s relationships began to take a more profound turn. We were still lost in the shuffle of the love triangle that was Avery, Jameson, and Grayson, and I’ll tell ya, I still don’t know who I’m rooting for. Shout out to Jennifer Lynn Barnes for writing an impecca- ble love triangle dynamic be-
cause that is no easy feat!
I also loved seeing some of the characters shift com-
pletely throughout this book. We see Libby, Avery’s uncon- ventional sister, become more “straight-edge.” We see the sul- len Grayson Hawthorne slowly become vulnerable, collapsing his high-as-the-sky walls. We see the charming, happy-go-lucky Xander Hawthorne begin to gain an edge no one has seen before. Barnes did a fantastic job of fleshing out every single one of these characters as we peeled back layers of the mystery on hand.
The revelations that came out of The Hawthorne Legacy (#2) had me turning every page with extreme intensity. Avery Grambs was an excellent main character that had me rooting for her since the first page of book one. It’s been a while since I’ve read a good thriller, and this one took me out. And it’s not even over! The Inheritance Games is a tril- ogy, and The Final Gambit (#3) is next on my list.
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   from the billionaire’s mystifying grandsons to his vengeance-seek- ing daughters. The first book was a whirlwind with unraveling
secrets, attempted murder, and some not-so-kind characters, but Avery sure did uncover a lot about the billionaire who was
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