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By mJc
As winter settles in, open water opportunities are evap- orating as quickly as freezing temps and icy conditions solid- ify and limit near future oppor- tunities. I have however seen some brave, dedicated souls on the lakes as recently as Thanks-
December 2022
giving day, these arte the very dedicated few, I admire that kind of grit and dedication to a passion, not just a passion for fishing, but for any kind of pas- sion in the pursuit to hone and perfect a hobby or a profession. It demonstrates a high degree of drive and tenacity that seems to be out of the norm as of late.
Anyone who has that kind of personal dedication to a past time, in my experience, it usu- ally translates to any thing they pursue, personally and / or pro- fessionally. I truly admire and respect that pursuit of perfec- tion. Hard work and dedication to ones craft, will eventually pay off, whether it’s personal pride and a sense of accomplishment or monetarily, where a passion or hobby emerges as a profes- sion, getting paid to do what you love to do.
If you are passionate about a past time, a hobby, or a pro- fession, some will say you are “addicted” to it. An addiction is a powerful motivating force and can become an all consuming. If you are a parent get involved in your kids’ passions or someone else may fill that void for you and may or may not have the same best interest in mind for your kids. Get kids “addicted” to sports, academics, fishing,
hunting, the out of doors, liter- ally anything that is positive and healthy, or they may find an- other outlet. I say this because a person close to me took the wrong path or was led down the wrong path, which ultimately led to her predictable demise, long before her time. She was a beautiful, healthy, happy girl as a child, she was a joy to be around and had a smile that was infec- tious. Somewhere in her early teens, that all came to an abrupt halt and her behavior and per- sonality took on a paradigm shift. She had become addicted to illicit drugs and they took hold quickly. Once that mon- key on your back, it’s extremely difficult, if not an insurmount- able task to shake once it takes hold. She was a single mother of three kids, that range in age from two years old to nine years of age, so sad!! These kids now have neither a mother nor fa- ther, and are currently, and have
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been from the time that she got heavily into drugs, raised by the grandmother and aunt. Neither of the kids parents, the mother and the biological absentee drug addicted father could seem to kick their addictions long enough to effectively care for these kids, so the grandmother stepped up and now cares for the young kids, she is in her late sixties. This is a cautionary tale of what can and possibly will happen if you/we don’t take an active interest in what hobbies our kids are pursuing. Be proac- tive, not reactive! You can’t put the tooth paste back in the tube once it is out, get involved before it is too late and all that is left is sadness, regret, and another generation of lost kids.
As always, keep your powder dry and your lines tight. Take a kid fishing whenever you can and become a positive influence and mentor.

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