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 Plymouth Area Community Closet Fuel Assistance
“Once there was this day when everybody seemed to know that they needed each day when they knew for certain that they couldn’t do it alone.” from April Burns, “Pieces of April” 2003
These days, news stories about food and fuel prices and inflation are commonplace nationwide. Surely you’ve seen a few headlines like these recently: Food Prices Are Soaring and That’s Changed How We Eat (; Inflation Ex- plained: The Good, the Bad and the Uncertain (NYTimes); Food Inflation Is What’s for Dinner this Thanksgiving (Washington Post); Who’s Really to Blame for Inflation (Boston Globe). Simply put, infla- tion is the rate of price increases over a given period. In October, the greatest inflation contributors were in food, energy, and housing. The extra cost for these necessities
Fundraiser "Keep The Heat On"
is often unaffordable for many fam- ilies; over 20,000 New Hampshire households receive federal housing assistance and low-income home energy assistance.
Fuel oil is the most prevalent form of home heating fuel in New Hampshire. In New England the current cost of residential fuel oil is up significantly from one year ago. We all know that winter here can be long and cold -- and even though less snowfall is expected this winter, the National Weather Ser- vice predicts a great many consec- utive bitterly cold days during the winter months. Given that forecast, and with and home heating costs up 70% overall, it’s no surprise that the “Keep the Heat On” an- nual fundraiser on January 25th 2023 hopes to raise enough money through ticket sales and donations to ensure that folks in our catch-
ment area can rely on financial fuel assistance from KTHO/PACC. Though many households will manage the higher costs of living without assistance, scores of our neighbors will struggle to pay their bills. Why? A few reasons: a fam- ily breadwinner’s wages are low, a spouse or child has expensive and/ or unexpected medical bills and prescriptions, or the rent has been raised. KTHO’s one-time grant of one hundred fifty (150) gallons of heating fuel (or its equivalent in pel- lets or wood) is a helping hand to a neighbor in need. Your contribu- tion to Keep The Heat On makes those grants possible to provide the fuel that will sustain the warmth for those neighbors, their families, and their homes this winter.
“The holidays” are right around the corner; tis the season to cel- ebrate with family and friends,
to attend concerts and services, and to support a favorite charity. The fundraiser on January 25th 2023 at the Common Man Inn in Plymouth will feature both well- known chefs and restaurant favor- ites along with cuisine from newly opened area establishments. We’ll include be more of these culinary details, as well as updated auction item news in our next KTHO press release. For now, you could start (or continue !) a tradition by making a contribution to Keep The Heat On. It’s easy to do: go to the fundraiser website https://bit. ly/KTHO2023, and buy a ticket to attend the KTHO dinner and auction. Your purchased ticket includes your entry into the raffle drawings. If you can’t attend the event, the website also permits you to make a direct a donation to the KTHO program and if you are
already a contributor, thank you!!! Your “gift” to an unknown neigh- bor is a good news story that you’ve written. As April Burns realized as she struggled one Thanksgiving Day, “We all need each other, we can’t do it alone.”
The KTHO volunteer com- mittee partners with PACC in the ongoing mission to aid our neigh- bors. Residents eligible for support are those living in one of the 15 communities served by PACC -- Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Ellsworth, Campton, Dorches- ter, Groton, Plymouth, Rumney, Hebron, Holderness, Waterville Valley, Thornton, Wentworth, and Warren. PACC is located at 5 South Main Street, Plymouth. Fuel Assistance is available by phone on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 am to Noon, at 603-536-1101.
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