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March Shining Star:
March 2022
   Mackenzie Jenkins
 By: amy faiRBanK
Senior Mackenzie Jenkins has made her mark as one of the leaders on the Unified Bas- ketball team. This is Mackenzie’s third year as a “partner” on the team. Unified sports showcases our “athletes” within our special education program and pairs them with “partners” who sup- port them during their time on the court. Each athlete requires something different from their partners while on the court, and Mackenzie does a great job of meeting the needs of our athletes, such as keeping them involved in the game, providing opportuni- ties to our athletes to be a part of all aspects of the game, all the while, playing strong defense and offense against the opponents to give our athletes more opportu- nities to play. She is one of the seniors that I look to when I need a drill implemented or I lay out a plan, and she helps organize the activity. As a first-year coach, it was nice to come into the season with some veteraned partners that helped me get a feel for the experience. As I came to see, the unified experience has such
a variety of abilities that every team is unique in their play, cre- ating different levels of intensity and gameplay. Newfound em- braces the philosophy that our “athletes” are the focus of the game, and they should be given the time to shine and experience as much of the whole aspect of the game as possible. The “part- ners” take a supporting role that goes unnoticed by many. How- ever, those, such as Mackenzie, who take on these quiet roles actually show us what it means to be a team player and shine in doing so. Mackenzie and her fel- low seniors will be greatly missed next year.
The $15,000 grand prize winner was Kayla Robinson of Belmont, NH with a 11.4-pound lake trout. Kayla Robinson is believed to be the first female to win in the derby’s 42-year history.
The Great Meredith Rotary Ice Fishing Derby Winners
Other Winners
Second Place: $5,000: Yel- low Perch: Nathaniel Brown of Meredith NH, 1.76 pounds, 14.5 inches.
Third Place: $3,000: Rain- bow Trout: Zachary Potvin, Shapleigh, ME, 6.47 pounds, 24.5 inches
Black Crappie: Scott Ma- dore, Dover, 2.42 pounds, 15.75 inches
Cusk: Michael Bennett, Al- lenstown, 6.85 pounds, 30 inches, Pickerel: Mark Jordan, Brain- tree, MA, 5.15 pounds, 27.5
Rainbow Trout: Zachary
Potvin, Shapleigh, ME, 6.47 pounds, 24.5 inches
White Perch: Adam Harvey, Merrimack, 2.85 pounds, 15.5 inches
Second Place: $5,000: Yel- low Perch: Nathaniel Brown, of Meredith, 1.76 pounds, 14.5 inches.
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