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 By CarOlyn J. Phinney
You probably heard the old positive saying, “when life gives you lemons, you make lemon- ade.” It is a positive spin on the contrast/problems that life can (and will) bring us as we live day to day. You either can look at your lemons and complain about how you did not want them and how sour and bitter they are, or you can take what you have been given, add your own ingredients and make something delicious out of it.
Bob and Anita Coco are lem- onade makers. Their business of 17 years, No-Icing Skates, in Hudson NH, had to close its brick-and-mortar doors during the pandemic. Though they had an online business, as well, ice hockey had stopped so that sub- sequently stopped their business altogether. Like most businesses, they were held captive to the re- strictions that Covid had plagued the US with. “I had a honey-do list pages long. Things that were going to have to wait until we
retired” said Bob Coco, “we got them all done within 3 months.” Luckily, or has fate would have it, the campgrounds of New Hamp- shire had opened back up. Being avid campers for mini getaways on the weekends, they decided to get out of the house and enjoy what nature had to offer them. That little decision set the wheels in motion for the major changes that were to come for this ad- venturous couple. Anita typed in “New Hampton” instead of “Hampton” when searching for a quick little getaway and found Newfound RV and Camp- ground. “It was a simple mistake. When we put the address into the GPS that Friday as we pulled out of the driveway, we noticed it was not taking us to the coast.” They both laughed while telling the story. “But, we figured, why not and headed to the campsite.”
“Why not” indeed. Once ar- riving, they feel in love with the over 14 acres, the campsites, and the Newfound Lake area. So much so, when they realized the campground was for sale
they thought again, “why not?” Everything fell into place for the Coco’s. The offer was accepted, the house sold, the skate business was moved and even their grand- daughter, with parents happily in tow, moved up north to start their own adventure.
Newfound RV and Camp-
ground on Mayhew Rd in Bridgewater, though still running, was needing some TLC, and updating. The Cocos have been putting their heart and soul into each and every acre of the place. A new stage is being built for bands and comedy acts, new wifi optimization, updating the bath- rooms, removing years of vines, painting, planting, and mulching. They have a lot of ideas to make the campers stay a stay they will always remember, even adding yoga on Saturdays. A wishing bridge on the majestic, serene walking trail allows for coins to be
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tossed and wishes made. All the coins will be collected and given to the Wounded Warriors Fund at the end of the season. The Coco’s wishes came true. Wishes they did not even know they had until the pandemic closed their doors, a wrong turn was made, and a new door opened for them. That is some sweet lemonade.
If you want to welcome the Coco’s to the entrepreneur- ial family of Newfound Lake, stop by Newfound RV and Campground at 792 Mayhew Turnpike, Bridgewater. Or call 744-3344.
Making Lemonade Out of Pandemic Lemons
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