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The Rose City Model T Club was established in September 1963 at the Henry Ford’s Restaurant (located on SW Barber Blvd) and was accepted as a chapter with the Model T Ford Interna onal. There were 58 persons who are recognized as charter members of the club. The name was o ered by Bonner Robinson, the  rst President, because Portland is the City of Roses. In 1965 we became a Charter Chapter when the Model T Ford Club of America was formed.
Rose City Model T Club meets the  rst Thursday of every month at the Tigard Senior Center
with mee ngs beginning at 7:30 pm. The purpose of the club is to promote the interest of it’s members in the preserva on and restora on of an que automobiles (par cularly the Model T
Ford, it’s accessories, lore and literature). You do not need to own a Model T to be a member. We have about 12 tours every year. The tours include points of interest, scenic drives, museums and historic landmarks. We have an annual overnight beach trip to Rockaway Beach Oregon as well as a pumpkin tour.
We have hosted (2) MTFCA Na onal Tours, 1981 & 1997 and (1) MTFCA Annual Board Mee ng. RCMTC celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary on August 10-11, 2013, with 13 Model T’s and 7 Model A’s, traveling from Gresham via back roads to Sandy to visit the historical Museum and then the route of the Barlow Trail from Sandy to Zig Zag where we had a picnic at the Wildwood Recrea on site on Hwy 26. On Sunday there was a formal banquet at the Persimmon Country Club. Several members wore period clothing. Member families were presented with a gold trimmed coin bearing the club logo in color on one side and 50th Anniversary in gold le ers on the other side. Every member family received a commemora ve booklet that captures the clubs history, with stories and photos. We were honored by the presence of 5 of our 7 living Charter Members: Jim Gordan, Glenn Slack, Lou Stone, Dave Gallant, and Wayne Yoder.
Rose City Model T Club has par cipated in the Portland Swap Meet since the beginning.
Following are some early history facts.
● February 23, 1964 saw the first swap at Alexander Motor Co. located at 2340 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, Oregon
● The second swap meet was held February 20 & 21, 1965 at a building located at 808 NW 16th Portland, Oregon
( the building was removed during the contruction of the I405 freeway.) Rose City Model T Club and HCAA co-chaired the event.

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