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HACO (hay-co) is one of the oldest collector car clubs in America.
The Club was established in 1945 and we have some members s ll telling stories of the early days of the Club and of the early car swap meets. Of course most of the members are not “old” and we must rely on hearing stories of how things were when a bunch of members would just lay out a pile of sawdust and roll an en re auto over on its side to gain access to some hidden parts.
HACO also assisted 111 forming the “Forest Grove Concours d’ Elegance” so from  me to  me we hear details of how that successful car show started.
The nice thing about HACO is that we welcome anyone who has an interest in automobiles.
Since we favor no special “car” or make or model, we are able to o er advice (some mes helpful) on any car. Folks who are part of our social car club seem to enjoy both the verbal assistance and the physical assistance when it is  me to keep a car running. (One mee ng some member o ered advice on how to paint a car under a tarp on a rainy night so that the dust would be kept down by the rain.)
It is usually worth your  me to spend an evening at the monthly mee ng. At the mee ng
there is always  me to present a “restora on problem” with you or someone seeking a simple resolu on. Another feature of the monthly mee ng is someone men oning a car for sale, maybe even just one in pieces.
But most of the monthly mee ng is spent on a cup of co ee, a cookie or two, and a program.
Outside of the mee ng, the Club tries to go on a monthly car ride into the beau ful countryside. There is no rule on how old or how pre y the car must be to join in on the follow the-leader style ride, although the older cars get to go to the head of the line. And yes, most monthly rides wind up at some restaurant. The cost to ride along with us is minimal. Some months HACO springs for a 55 person bus to make the monthly trip easier to handle.
To join HACO, membership is easy. You can just show up at a monthly mee ng and profess that you have an interest in old automobiles (and annually chip in $25), We really welcome all sorts of people who have all sorts of interest in automobiles.
OK, so there is one big catch: We ask each member who can to volunteer a minimum of three hours at the annual Portland An que Auto Swap Meet. HACO (as well as the other  ve clubs) supplies people to operate the “Always in April” swap meet. Of course HACO does not turn away

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