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members who cannot “volunteer” to help, so do not let that a ect your interest in joining.
Overall, membership in HACO is well worth your  me. We love OLD cars and look up to the folks who are their caretakers. You can easily  t in.
HACO supports several chari es such as the Oregon Food Bank and also the Sunshine Division of the Portland Police Department. Each year the members get a chance to suggest worthy charitable causes to donate to.
We meet each month for a fun  lled evening on the second Tuesday. We start the mee ng at 7:30 so if you got there around 7 you would enter into some side comments on this or that car.
The mee ng is at the Clackamas Community Center. It is right across the street from the Clackamas Post O ce. The street address is 15711 SE 90th Avenue (in Clackamas).
If this will be your  rst mee ng, to break the ice upon your arrival just ask if “ALAN” is there. Currently only one of the members is named “ALAN” so it will be a safe way to start a conversa on with anyone present.
There are two HACO representa ves to the Portland An que Auto Swap Meet board. You can call either for more informa on.
LAURA FOSTER 503-761-3879 ALAN VIEW1G 503-223-2526

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