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The Horseless Carriage Club
Portland Regional Group
We are the Portland Regional Group of the HorselessCarriageClubofAmerica. We hope you are enjoying the 52nd annual Portland
Swap Meet. The swap meet is brought to you by six local collector car clubs: The Historical Auto Club of Oregon (HACO), The Beaver Chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America, The Rose City Model T Club, The Vintage Chevrolet Club, The Early Ford V-8 Club, and us, The Horseless Carriage Club.
Each of the clubs sponsoring the swap meet has its own focus in the collector car eld. Ours goes back the farthest – to the Brass Era at the very beginning of automotive technology. If you’ve ever had an interest in how America graduated from the horse and buggy to the automobile, then please check us out. Our group prides itself in keeping the oldest examples of the automotive technology
running, healthy, and on the road.
We work together and individually on
these old machines, and then enjoy
the thrill of taking them on tour.
Every time we go for a drive, it becomes an instant parade. People stop what they are doing
to watch a fascinating piece of history drive by. Heads turn,
cell phone cameras get a
workout, and everyone gets a smile on their face. It doesn’t take a line of cars, either. One
HorselessCarriagehasthesameeffect. Stopfora cup of coffee, people gather, and the questions begin.
“Is it a Model T?”
That’susuallytherstquestion. Model T Fords were at times in the majority, but between the turn of the last century and the rst World War, there were literally hundreds of car makers. Eventhoughmostaregone now, you’d recognize the names – Studebaker, Rambler, Packard, and
many more.
“How fast does it go?”
You can count on this question. The answer might surprise you, though. While not many hundred- year-old cars are freeway capable, the majority will keep up quite nicely with modern trafc. It’s fun to drive alongside a modern car on a four-lane
boulevard at 40, and watch the reactions.
“Was it really expensive?”
This may be the biggest surprise. You don’t need to be Jay Leno to afford a Horseless Carriage. Backintheday,Fordswereaworking- class car, while the afuent bought Cadillacs, Lincolns,andthelike. Notmuchhaschanged. If you’re interested in an antique car, you can of course, spend as much as you like. It’s not necessary, though. Antique Fords, Chevrolets, Dodges, and similar cars are surprisingly

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