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affordable today. In short, if you can afford a shing boat, you can afford a Horseless Carriage!
“Why don’t you just drop a Chevy 350 small block in it?”
You can, but that’s a different club. The Horseless Carriage Club is a group of enthusiasts dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and appreciation of antique automobiles. Our members enjoy the living history represented in these old machines. There’s a real sense of satisfaction about owning a car that’s still on the road after a hundred years.
“How hard is it to work on?”
This is where the Portland Regional Group of the Horseless Carriage Club excels. If you have an interest, an antique car, and the time to work on it, we can help with the expertise. If you run into any problem with your car, someone in our local group will be able to help. If you’re an experienced car buff, you’ll nd Brass Era cars reallyenjoyabletoworkon. ThevenerableModel T, for example, has no water pump, no fuel pump, no oil pump, and only uses a battery for startup.
“Is the car going to be on display here all day?”
This question comes up just about every time you park the car. People are often surprised that these old cars still run. They’re even more surprised when we say that we’re heading out on a fty or sixty mile tour that day. The Horseless Carriage Club is all about touring in the style of a bygoneera. You’lloftenseeourmembersdressin periodattireaswehittheroad. Ourdestinations include many historical sites, as well as some of the nest scenery that back roads can offer.
If any of this sounds intriguing, give us a try. Come on a tour as our guest sometime. You’ll nd exceptional scenery, food, friends, and of course, some really outstanding antique automobiles. Contactthisyear’smemberatlarge (our recruiting ofcer), Don Plumb at (503) 720- 0020. He’ll line you up with an available back seat. Happytouring!

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