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                Lice Treatment
Lice Treatment Shampoos & Kits
  Got an itch?
Get RID® of it!
Lice Treatment
(A) Lice Killing Shampoo
• Effective against head, body,
crab lice
• Includes: plastic fine-toothed
comb, 100% effective in removing hatched and unhatched lice
(B) Complete Lice Elimination Kit
• Clinically proven to reduce combing time, 23% on average
• Works safely, effectively to help dissolve the substance that glues lice eggs to hair
• Contains conditioner that leaves hair soft, manageable – and with a pleasant scent
• Kit includes: 1- 2 oz shampoo; 1- 2 oz egg loosener;
1- 5 oz lice control spray for use on bedding and furniture; patented plastic egg removal comb
(C) RID® Home Lice Control Spray
• Use to kill lice and their eggs on mattresses, furniture, car interiors and other non-washable items
(D) RIDvantageTM Lice Comb
• The only comb with RID’s patent pending Diamond Tine design
• 100% effective for the removal of head and body lice eggs • Double sided design with stand up base makes treatment
    user friendly
38022M Lice Killing Shampoo 38023M Lice Killing Shampoo 01042M Complete Lice Elimination Kit 2600-20 Lice Control Home Spray 317418 RIDvantageTM Lice Comb
Size 2 oz 4 oz
5 oz
Size 2 oz 4 oz
12.95 18.75 29.65
9.85 11.85
140.45 204.85
       by the case
Per case of 12 38022MC Shampoo 38023MC Shampoo
Lice Combs
• Patented tooth design
• 100% effective in removing lice and nits from hair
• Made in the USA
• The Deluxe Lice comb is a long toothed metal comb with an
ergonomically designed handle and is for use with longer hair
• Reusable after washing the comb thoroughly
5595-20 Lice comb (pack of 2) 2.55
5595-21 Deluxe lice comb 2.55
GoodSense® Lice Treatment Products
• Bedding Spray: kills lice and their eggs on bedding, furniture, and other non-washable items
• Shampoo: kills lice and their eggs; compare to the active ingredient in Rid; includes one nit comb
• Treatment Kit: includes one 4-oz. lice killing shampoo, one 2-oz. egg and nit combing gel, one 5-0z. lice bedding spray and one nit comb
  Each Size
2675-80 Bedding Spray, 5 oz
2675-81 Shampoo, 4 oz
2675-82 Treatment Kit
Non-toxic, safe and effective. Kills lice naturally!
7.75 10.55 23.05
        • Non-toxic formula has soothing aroma; contains all-natural ingredient natrum muriaticum that frees patients of head lice for good
• Starts killing lice and eggs (nits) on contact; simply spray on Licefreee, allow hair to air dry, and you are done
• 100% guaranteed
• Professional stainless steel nit comb included
• One bottle treats 2 to 3 people; excellent choice for long or
curly hair
Each 2430-20
6 oz spray 15.35
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